Sciatica certainly interferes with activities during the day. It can interrupt sleep too. If you are suffering with this condition, specific steps can help relieve the pressure on the nerve in your lower back that is causing pain to radiate. These steps work for sciatic nerve pain relief and allow you to get a full, healthy night’s sleep.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

You may be used to falling asleep on your stomach. If so, it is time to retrain yourself. You will be in more pain in the morning if you sleep on your stomach because it increases the pressure on your disc.

Lie on your back.

Try sleeping on your back with your knees propped. Elevation is a great way to lower the amount of pressure that your nerve roots are experiencing from your lumbar discs.

Lie down flat on your back with a pillow under your head. Be sure both your buttocks and heels are against the bed. Bend your knees a bit. Put a pillow or two beneath them also. Use as many pillows as is comfortable to you. You may need to keep adjusting your position to get the sciatic nerve pain relief you need.

Try your side.

You are not restricted to sleeping on your back. The other option for sciatic nerve pain relief is to get onto your side, with a pillow between your knees.

Roll onto one side. Use a pillow to support your neck and head. Use another one to prop up your knees. Finally, take another pillow or two and use them at your waist or anywhere else you need support.

Get more exercise.

If discomfort is keeping you up at night, you can get sciatica nerve pain relief with a carefully timed workout. Sleep quality improves when you exercise 4 to 8 hours before bedtime.

Draw a warm bath.

For sciatica nerve pain relief through muscular relaxation, hop into a warm bath. A bath will also release pain-relieving endorphins. You may feel like falling asleep right after your bath, or you may want to read a bit too. Whatever you do, do it with consistency –the essence of healthy sleep hygiene. Be sure you are not hot in the bath but warm. Too much heat will spike your body temperature, making sleep more elusive.

A good night’s sleep

Are you in excruciating pain from sciatica? Improving your sleep can help, but you need all-around sciatica nerve pain relief too. At Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic, we deliver noninvasive pain relief, restore proper nerve function, and facilitate natural healing.