Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a debilitating condition that causes the motor, sensory and autonomic nerves in the body to become diseased or damaged and to respond to the brain incorrectly. This results in weakness, numbness, burning, tingling, pain, and even loss of function. It can be a disabling condition which often causes problems with balance, making sufferers 15 times more likely to fall than others. What are the keys to restoring normal function to these nerves, and how can increasing blood flow help with neuropathy pain treatment?

Peripheral Neuropathy 101

PN can occur rapidly or progress over a number of years, and it can have a number of causes, including things like genetics, trauma, environmental toxins, and even chemotherapy, alcohol, or drugs (including some prescriptions). Most notably, diabetes leads to the painful condition, and it’s believed that damage to the neurovascular system in the legs and feet results in a reduction of oxygen and nutrients getting to the nerves there. A study in the publication Diabetologia noted that blood flow in the feet of diabetic patients was on average 5 times what was normal at room temperatures. A reduction in this blood flow and volume was associated with less neuropathic pain and is determined to be an important neuropathy treatment.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments and How They Work

Getting an early diagnosis and treatment plan for the cause and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are important first steps in neuropathy treatment, because these nerves in the body have a limited ability to heal. Stopping the progression of further damage may be possible, as well as relieving symptoms like pain and loss of function. How can the disease be treated?

  • Nutritional and Dietary Support
    There are studies showing the connection between inflammation in the body and neuropathy pain, and adopting a healthier lifestyle can create conditions in the body that foster healing and repair. Dr. William Welches, a pain management specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, stated that “Research shows that diet should be an integral part of a pain management program. [Healthier eating] can control insulin and cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation, which is the pain culprit.”
  • Electro-Therapeutic Treatment
    By using electrodes on areas of the body affected by pain, mild stimulation can override pain signals that are sent to the brain in error. This is an effective neuropathy pain treatment because by using varying electrical impulses, the misfiring nerves are stimulated to confuse the pain signals, which provides relief for patients.
  • Class IV Therapeutic Lasers

    Therapeutic lasers provide a pain-free option that can improve circulation of blood flow to the areas surrounding the damaged nerves. By improving the function and elasticity of the blood vessels (in a sort of expanding/contracting process), healing nutrients are again able to be carried in and harmful toxins and inflammation carried out.

Find Relief from Your Neuropathy Pain Sensations

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