For those who suffer from back pain, the holidays can be a difficult time. There’s so much to do, and family to see, which can add extra stress to the back, increasing back pain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize your back pain so you can enjoy spending the holidays with family and friends.

Make Time for Exercise

The holidays are such a busy time between preparing food, shopping, and traveling, which can make it easy to neglect your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate your back pain during this time of the year, it is important to set some time aside for exercise and stretching. Set aside a half hour several times a week to give your body a good stretch and do a few light exercises. This will help strengthen your back and ensure flexibility to reduce pain.

Reduce Your Stress

When you feel like life is rushing on around you, it can be difficult to sit down and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, when you are stressed, it can increase your back pain as muscles tense up. While it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, take some time each day to unwind. If you feel stress building up, don’t be afraid to relax and focus on something calming for a while.

Stay Comfortable While Traveling

If you are traveling this holiday season, it is important to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Choose supportive shoes that aren’t new and are well worn. Bring along a pillow to put behind your back during long travel stretches. Don’t forget to bring along any other comforts of home that help you relax, such as your favorite pair of slippers or your favorite tea.

Eat Healthy

Everyone should eat healthy as often as possible, but that isn’t always easy when you’re rushing around preparing for the holidays. Many people severely alter their eating habits around the holidays to prevent weight gain, but this can contribute to your back pain. Your body needs specific nutrients to operate properly. Don’t rob your body of those nutrients in the name of keeping your weight down.

The holidays can be a stressful time, but you don’t have to let your back pain control your experience. Follow these tips to ensure a happy holiday season and call (817) 265-7335 with questions or if you need treatment.