Dr. Joseph Viernow, a native of Rock Island, Illinois, has proudly called Arlington his home for the past forty years. During that time, he has helped thousands of members of the community through his clinic – Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Center – a tranquil place of healing chiropractic and pain-treatment therapies, recover from chronic back, spinal, and debilitating forms of pain.

Aside from his invaluable work as a chiropractor, Dr. Viernow also served as a First Lieutenant in Vietnam and received the Bronze Star for meritorious service on a war zone. Read our exclusive interview with Dr. Viernow, Arlington’s most experienced chiropractor, to learn more about our mission and services at Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Center.

What first got you interested in studying chiropractic medicine?

“I went to college in Rock Island and actually graduated with a business degree. I went to work for my dad’s corporation, doing marketing when I got married and started having health issues. I was having bronchitis and already had double pneumonia twice. My wife was a big proponent of chiropractic, and had been adjusted by BJ Palmer, and told me to visit a chiropractor.

At first, I didn’t understand it, but then she explained how they can find some nerve interference, pinched nerves, and how they can get the nerve flowing back again it could help the lungs. So, I went to my first adjustment, and my bronchitis improved greatly. After a few adjustments, my bronchitis cleared up completely. The doctor treating me was so happy and enthusiastic about what he was doing, it just seemed like the perfect job for me.”

What makes you different from other chiropractors in Arlington?

“One thing that’s unique about me and my practice is our approach to patient care. We have the best therapy room in all of Texas – we’ve invested more than $1 million because our patients deserve the best. We only use the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to make adjustments and other physical therapies.

For example, we are one of the only Shockwave Therapy providers in the area – this machine breaks up calcium, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, and other elements in the body that can cause the bones to fuse and cause other problems. There are only 2 other shockwave therapy machines in the area, and they are both in hospitals. For me, I always wanted to offer pain relief solutions to my patients at my clinic, rather than them having to go to a hospital setting.

We also have the DRX 9000 for spinal decompression on site – it’s the premium technology for treating a number of chronic back pain and acute problems like sciatica, low back pain, bulging discs, and things of that nature.”

What are some patient success stories that you’re especially proud of?

“It’s been a joy to treat so many patients throughout the years, I’ve seen probably more than ten thousand miracles of patients recovering from chronic pain, and it’s been a blessing to help them.

I had one patient Nancy, who is 77 years old, who came in. Of course, all the doctors want her to have surgery, nothing else, and Nancy’s tried everything before, so she came to me. Because they don’t do anything else but surgery. So, I put her on my table, adjusted her three or four times, and asked how she was doing. Her symptoms were gone. I was shocked. We then began treating her side, and I found that her ligaments had fused together. We tried a few times, and I relieved the pressure on her sciatic nerve. She couldn’t believe what was happening – I couldn’t believe what was happening either. When she came into my clinic, she was 5’9”, and in intolerable pain – when she left, she was pain-free, and 5’10”- one inch taller!”

What do you love about your job?

“What drives me to work every single day is that I still have a passion to help people – I know I can treat them and make them better. I’m Gonstead trained and I treat deep problems, not just surface problems that most chiropractors treat, because I have the knowledge, the passion, and the advanced technology at my clinic to really make a difference in people’s lives.”

At Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Center, identifying, treating, and healing your source of chronic pain is our mission. Using only the best in class technologies, we treat your source of the pain with an emphasis on providing you with the best quality care possible. To book a consultation with our clinic, fill out our contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you.