Kinesio Taping 

Kinesio Taping for Pain Relief

You may have seen athletes in the Olympics or similar sports wearing colorful tape on their bodies, this is known as Kinesio tape and they are wearing it for good reason. Kinesio taping works in several ways to relief muscle and joint pain, support ligaments, increase range of motion, improve  blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles. Below are some of the main functions that taping preforms:



Proper taping of the muscles improves the efficiency of the muscle contractions while reducing muscle pain and fatigue.


Increased Blood Flow

Muscle taping improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation within muscle fibers and ligaments.  This increase in blood flow also promotes healing in the muscles by allowing them to receive rich nutrients.


Increase Range of Motion

Kensio taping also works to realign improper movement patters and adjust muscular misalignment from tight muscles. This reduces joint dysfunctions.

Arlington Pain Relief

Kinesio taping has been widely used in professional sports by physical therapists. Proper taping of the muscles reduces athletic injuries and helps to aid in injury recovery. The tape is used to treat conditions of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, foot and ankle pain, knee and hip pain. Come into Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic today to experience the wide range of health benefits from Kinesio taping.

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