Spinal decompression can greatly improve quality of life by creating negative intradiscal pressure in your spine. Here are four activities that become easier post-treatment.

Minimizing intradiscal pressure

Treatment with nonsurgical spinal decompression involves gradual and systematic stretching and relaxation of the spine using a motorized table. Numerous studies have shown that this therapy generates negative intradiscal pressure (lower pressure within the disc), which can allow:

·      a herniated or bulging disc to draw in the soft inner material (nucleus pulposus) that is protruding out from it

·      nutrients to access the disc more easily, promoting faster recovery.

The impact of spinal decompression can be incredible on quality of life. Here are a few activities that become more enjoyable post-treatment:

1. Hiking

Hiking can be a great way to get exercise. Unfortunately, walking on rough terrain – especially in hilly areas – can be excruciating if you are suffering from a back pain condition. After spinal decompression treatment, you can enjoy the outdoors pain-free.

2. Sports & dance

Participating in sports or going out to dance can be fun ways to get exercise while socializing. If you have back pain, though, the vigorous, coordinated use of the body can quickly become exhausting, explains health writer Anna Woodward. Spinal decompression “can help to cure a long-standing problem and keep you on the dance floor or the soccer field for the whole night,” she says.

3. Films & painting

Simply sitting in one place increases the pressure on your back 40-90%, according to Cornell University Ergonomics Web. To support your back, pillows can help. It’s also a good idea to take regular breaks, ideally getting up every 30-45 minutes, even if just to walk around the room. By removing some of the pressure in your discs, spinal decompression makes it easier on your back to watch a feature film or finish a painting.

4. Vacation

Taking a trip may not sound like too much fun if simply moving around in your day-to-day life causes pain, notes Woodward. Spinal decompression therapy “will likely give you more confidence about traveling and staying energized,” she says. “This is especially true if you have any physical activities planned.”

Expert treatment

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