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Elbow Pain Treatments in Arlington, Texas

Elbow pain can be an annoyance to say the least. Constant pain when moving the joint can affect your daily activities and keep you from not only doing what you love but may also keep you from accomplishing needed work and tasks.

Many times elbow pain is not a sign of a serious condition, but if the elbow pain is consistent it can begin to affect your life in a negative fashion. Many clinics will want to use highly invasive procedures that can be expensive and unnecessary. If you have elbow or joint pain Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre offers a number of various treatments to help reduce pain, increase mobility and, strengthen muscles around the joint. Our natural treatments can help our patients eliminate their elbow pain or tremendously reduce it!

Elbow Pain Treatments:


Chiropractic Therapy


Shockwave Therapy


Therapeutic Massage


Kinesio Taping

Elbow pain can start out as a dull ache and develop into a sharp piercing pain. Many elbow pains are caused from overuse, sports injuries, jobs, and hobbies. Repetitive movement patterns from these activities create soft tissue inflammation like tendonitis.

Elbow pain can also be caused in the joint from arthritis, but generally the elbow joint is much less likely to develop arthritis pain. Some of the more common causes of elbow pain are listed below.

Causes of Elbow Pain:



Sprains, tears, dislocations, breaks, and fractures


Tennis Elbow

Pain that occurs where tendons in the elbow are overworked from repetitive motions in the wrist and arm



Inflammation & irritation of tendons in the elbow


Golfer’s Elbow

Pain on the inner side of the elbow, where forearm tendons and muscles attach



Joint pain and inflammation often referred to as the “wear & tear” arthritis


Trapped Nerves

Nerves that get trapped or pinched creating nerve pain in the elbow and forearm

Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic has the treatments to help eliminate your elbow pain.  Our chiopractic physicians will help develop a personalized treatment program tailored for your diagnosis. Contact the specialists at the Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic today and get the pain relief you need.

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