Many people walk away from car accidents, but some people aren’t so lucky. They have injuries that range from minor to severe and the impacts can last a long time. You might be unable to work or care for your family.

It’s important to seek treatment quickly after a car accident. Some injuries might seem minor, but there might be problems you cannot see or feel right away. You want to get back to living your life as quickly and safely as possible.

Types of Injuries

Impact injuries happen when a force causes a problem, like hitting a knee on a dashboard. Penetrating injuries can be cuts and scrapes from loose glass or other objects. Both injury types can be serious.

Whiplash is the most common injury after an accident. It is damage to soft tissue like muscles, ligaments, and tendons and it happens when the neck or upper back snaps forwards and backwards suddenly. This can cause pain in the neck and upper back and can also cause headaches.

Mid and lower back problems including sprains, strains, and spasms can also happen with the force of a car accident.

An impact can cause sudden movements of the arms and legs, maybe against the door or dashboard. The impact can slam knees into the dashboard or other seats. This can cause sprains, tears, or breaks.

Treating Car Accident Injuries in Arlington, TX 

After any car accident, get medical help right away, even if your injuries seem minor. Any loss of consciousness or broken bones always require immediate medical attention.

Rest and over-the-counter medications can often help heal whiplash cases. More serious pain might require physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections, or maybe even surgery.

Time can also heal minor knee and leg injuries, but there might be ligament, tendon, kneecap, or other problems which require help from a medical professional.

Injuries to the back and spine can be very delicate and you should seek help from a professional. Chiropractic care can help relieve pain from pinched nerves, sprains, strains, and other problems.

Chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, shockwave therapy and physical therapy are all non-surgical options to help relieve pain that can come from car accident injuries.

Dr. Viernow at Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre in Arlington, TX can identify where your pain is coming from and help create the best treatment plan. We try to prioritize appointments for patients who have been in car accidents to help eliminate some of the stress that comes from unexpected injuries. Contact us today!