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Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain such as back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, neuropathy, fibromyalgia or an unhealed accident injury can stop you from living an active lifestyle. At Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre, we provide integrated solutions that are all natural and drug-free for treating your chronic pain. By using chiropractic care techniques, spinal decompression or Shockwave therapy, we can help manage your pain conditions by directly addressing your underlying cause.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is ongoing, old pain that persists beyond an expected time frame and it doesn’t respond to the typical pain management techniques. With chronic pain, signals of pain remain active in your nervous system for months or even years.

Sources of Chronic Pain

The most common sources of pain come from migraines, joint pain, pain from injury and backaches. Other kinds of chronic pain include tendinitis, sinus pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and pain affecting particular parts of your body, such as your shoulders, hip and neck. Generalized muscle or nerve pain such as neuropathy or sciatica can also develop into a chronic pain condition.

Chronic pain may originate with an initial trauma/injury or infection, or there may be an ongoing cause of pain. Some people suffer chronic pain in the absence of any past injury or evidence of body damage.

Integrated Treatments for Chronic Pain

The first step to managing your chronic pain is to classify the cause of your pain. For example, many patients with chronic back, neck or hip pain may be suffering from a herniated or bulging disc in their spine. Patients who suffer with chronic migraines may have an untreated whiplash injury. Determining your underlying cause allows us to create a personalized treatment plan that clearly addresses your pain needs.


Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic adjustments are an important factor in our pain relief solutions. Many of our patients have one or more misalignments in their spine that will aggravate their nervous system and create compressions that produce neck pain, back pain and migraines. Routine chiropractic adjustments help provide proper alignment and manages your pain without the need for harmful pain medications.

Chiropractic is particularly effective in treating chronic pain that results from nervous system irritation, an injury or damage due to its action on your nerve roots. Moreover, chiropractic is effective in reestablishing normal function of your muscles, joints and the vascular system, helping to eliminate the root causes of your chronic pain.

With regular spinal adjustments, chiropractic care offers a host of health benefits beyond preventative care and is vital for keeping your body balanced, flexible and feeling its best. Everyone, from growing children to active seniors, can benefit from regular chiropractic care for chronic pain.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Non-surgical, spinal decompression therapy is proven to treat chronic back pain and sciatica caused by bulging, herniated and degenerative discs. Over a series of relaxing treatment sessions, our patients experience powerful pain reduction and healing. Some of our patients even notice an improvement in their symptoms after the first few treatments!

Spinal decompression gently lengthens and decompresses your spine, creating negative pressures within your discs. This reversal of pressure creates an intradiscal vacuum that not only takes pressure off your pinched nerves, but helps to reposition your bulging discs and pull extruded disc material back into place. By bringing in nutrients, oxygen and fluids back into your disc, this helps create a revitalized environment for conductive healing.

Shockwave Therapy

A breakthrough, non-invasive treatment for your chronic pain, Shockwave therapy is mainly used at Arkansas Pioneer for treating chronic back, hip or shoulder pain. Shockwave therapy can also be used to promote muscle strain healing that can dramatically reduce your recovery time.

During Shockwave therapy, a high-intensity sound wave interacts with the tissues of your body, providing blood flow that is necessary to start and maintain the repair processes of your damaged tissue structures. This leads to a cascade of beneficial effects such as reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen and dissolution of calcium build-up. This proven technology is fast and easy to perform and brings our patients a unique treatment option to avoid surgery.

Chiropractic treatments, spinal decompression therapy & shockwave therapy are adequate for treating chronic pain conditions, such as chronic hip, low back & shoulder pain, neuropathy, sciatica or fibromyalgia. Manual therapy, including myofascial release, targets deep muscle tissue within your body. This therapy will lessen inflammation and swelling that triggers chronic pain. Many patients who struggle with constant aches and pains report a significant improvement after just one treatment. Routine treatments can greatly improve your overall health and enhance your mobility.

Our whole body approach to care not only manages your chronic pain, but can also reduce your risk for future illness and injury. By improving the balance to your body, our chiropractor supports your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our integrated approach to managing pain will help you feel your best everyday.

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