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Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t have to include surgery if caught early. The pain is created by pressure placed on the median nerve at the wrist, which runs from the forearm to the palm of the hand. Carpal Tunnel is caused by repetitive movements of flexing and extending the wrist in daily activities or during sleep.

For many individuals, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome will manifest as a tingling numbness in the wrist while working at a computer desk. The condition can worsen into sharp pains if untreated.

Remember, treatment done earlier rather than later will prevent permanent damage to the nerve and assure a more complete recovery. Careful attention to your specific needs will help solve your carpal tunnel problem quickly.

In order to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome we have to be able to diagnose any problems from the hand all the way up to the neck. The first thing we want to know is where does the problem start for you? We will examine you and decide if you will need any diagnostic tests, such as x-ray, ultrasound, and EMG nerve testing.

After examination and any necessary tests are done, we will offer you options. Some people do require surgery and physical therapy. Others are not bad enough for surgery and will recover well with physical therapy medication and chiropractic adjustments. A typical program may last six weeks.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment may consist of therapies to reduce swelling and promote healing. Soft tissue massage can open up the carpal tunnel and restores normal tissue. Exercise is a great way to encourage the growth of high quality scar tissue and increase your ability to do things in life again without creating more problems. We are also anxious to discover and teach you what you can change in your life to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from returning.

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