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Car Accident Injuries

At Arkansas Pioneer, we treat a number of auto accident injuries. Car accident injury symptoms might not surface until several days later. If you start to feel pain in your back or neck keep an eye out for these common pain symptoms after an auto accident:


Upper back pain


Lower back pain


Muscle aches


Pinched nerves


Ligament sprains


Neck and spine injuries such as whiplash

We are very experienced at recognizing the signs and how to provide treatment for whiplash or other back and neck pain caused by all kinds of car accidents, including 18-wheeler accidents. Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre goal is to help identify your pain/injury quickly so that we can provide the proper treatment for lasting pain relief.

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Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre’s staff of dedicated pain management professionals provide practical pain management solutions with out breaking your pocket book. Many of our treatments are covered by insurance, and we also file third party insurance to help reduce your out of pocket costs. Our goal at Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre is to provide reliable pain relief you can count on. If you are injured be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

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