Whether your key concern is minimizing cellulite, fading your stretch marks, sculpting your body, or losing weight, the Arkansas Pioneer Weight Loss Program could be the right choice. Doctors can go different directions with body sculpting machines, so it is worth looking at the machine directly to explore benefits for this procedure.


The treatment with the Arkansas Pioneer Weight Loss Program device will vary a bit depending on specifics, but typically a treatment takes 15-20 minutes. Lasers may worry people because of their potential for extreme heat, however, our body sculpting machine uses built-in air-cooling mechanisms both within the machine and within each “paddle” (the pieces used for treatment). This cooling system is important since the body sculpting device is powerful – with more than two dozen (26) diode lasers operating per paddle. If you want to lose inches with body sculpting, you should know this machine is also the only one on the market that features a blend of laser light energy from the infrared and visible spectrums.

Benefits of the Arkansas Pioneer Weight Loss Program

You can achieve numerous positive health benefits via body slimming treatment through a provider at a weight loss clinic you can trust. Through our Weight Loss Program, you can achieve scar visibility minimization, renewal of skin cells, weight loss, fading of stretch marks, mitigation of wrinkles, muscle relaxation, skin tightening, cortisol minimization, cellulite removal, collagen stimulation, and improve poor circulation. While there are many different reasons body sculpting may be specifically helpful, general reasons are four key processes that occur in response to the treatment:


  • The body’s lymphatic system speeds up the metabolism and fat loss resulting from boosted vascular activity and blood circulation.
  • Avoiding side-effects, you can use this machine’s light emitting diodes (which include non-UV pieces) to actually cause fat cells to emulsify and shrink via concentrated wavelengths of light.
  • There is increasing production of a biological compound, adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), in response to the body slimming process. ATP allows the sustainability of organisms and metabolism of cellular processes, as well as providing an immediate source of muscular energy.
  • The subcutaneous fat and skin are able to optimally absorb wavelengths from the machine because of those tissues’ high volume of blood and water.

Lose inches and eliminate cellulite with body sculpting

For any of the reasons above, do you think body sculpting treatment might be right for you? Get if from a credible weight loss clinic with a record of results. At Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic, we have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau of Arlington for nearly four decades.