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When looking for Aetna providers in Arlington, consider Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre for your care. Arkansas Pioneer accepts Aetna insurance, as well as a wide range of insurance providers, so you can get the care you need when you need it. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, trust the caring staff at APCHC.

Learn more about Chronic Pain treatments from the Arlington Medical Consultation specialists who treat back, hip, shoulder and knee pain. Just click on the ‘Chiropractic’ link at the top of any page to discover what types of therapies and treatments the clinic offers. If you’re in pain, it’s comforting to know there is a health center in Arlington that is dedicated to managing your pain and getting to the root of your condition. It starts with an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Your initial visit to Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre starts in Arlington with a medical consultation to determine if you have injuries that are determining factors to your pain. If you’re experiencing undiagnosed pain, you’ll undergo thorough diagnostic testing so your doctor can effectively treat your condition and alleviate your pain. APCHC offers a full range of diagnostic testing measures to determine the cause of your pain and to develop the best course of action for healing.

Arkansas Pioneer’s Aetna providers in Arlington are committed to offering diagnostics on-site to save their patients time and allow them to receive personalized attention from their caring staff. The facility offers Balance Testing, Surface Paraspinal testing, Performance and Functioning testing, Radiographs, Digitization of Radiographs, Heart Variability tests and Current Reception Threshold Sensory Nerve exams. If you’d like to schedule an Arlington Medical Consultation for free, please call 817 265 7335 or speak with an agent now via Live Chat.

We invite you to visit the Arkansas Pioneer website to take advantage of the free resources offered, including their extensive blog library that is filled with informative and valuable articles designed to maximize health and provide everyday tips regarding a healthy lifestyle. There, you’ll find exceptional information on Shockwave Therapy offered by APCHC, tips on how to decrease chronic inflammation, falsehoods and truths about dehydration, how a chiropractor can help after an auto accident, and much, much more. Stop by online and have a look around!

Schedule your free Arlington medical consultation by calling Arkansas  Pioneer at 817-265-7335. Receiving a correct diagnosis is the first step in getting the proper treatment for your condition- one that will lead to better management of your pain and the right direction toward the road to recovery. No other Aetna providers in Arlington are as committed to your health.

The Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre treats sciatic nerve pain, shoulder pain, back & neck pain, herniated disc pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain, whiplash pain, auto accident injuries and more. If you’re in pain, make your next call to Arkansas Pioneer and ask about a free consultation with a chiropractor. If you call now, you’ll receive a free therapeutic massage and BioFreeze samples along with your consultation.

Aetna Providers Arlington
Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre
1419 W. Arkansas Lane, Arlington, TX 76013

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