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C. Kelley

“My experience with Dr. Viernow and his staff has been great. Everyone there is committed to helping you get better.
If you have been to other Chiropractors and did not see improvement then you need to consult with Dr. Viernow and his staff.
The personalized treatment and therapy I have been receiving is allowing me to return to a more active lifestyle.
I am glad I found Dr. Viernow and have personally recommended him to several people already. ”

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Amanda Hunter

“I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Viernow. I had been having leg pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and arm pain. Sitting at a desk for 8 hrs a day was making the situation much worse. I had to do something, because I was miserable everyday. I had never seen a chiropractor, but coworkers recommended I do.
On my first visit, Dr. Viernow stayed past closing time on a Friday even to complete a thorough exam, and take x-rays. On Monday, I returned and began my adjustments. Indeed, there were many problems, spanning from my neck, down my spine from past injuries that had not bothered me in the past. Therefore, pinching my nerves, and giving me pain throughout my body. I was only able to see Dr. Viernow for a few adjustments.
However, he helped to find me a new chiropractor when I moved across the country, so I could continue my adjustments until my spine was back where it should be. I am grateful for his wonderful service, and caring staff. ”

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Doug Crites

“Dr. V is the best. At 36 and 52 years of age I tried to get in shape too fast and ended up feeling twisted like a pretzel. Both times Dr. Viernow and his staff used their healing talents to get rid of the pain. It feels good to feel normal again.
I was so interested in how they achieved these results that I researched Palmer college and the Gonstead method of adjusting.
I almost went to school to be a chiropractor but choose to teach music instead. I’m old enough to know the difference between the healing hands of a professional that cares and doctors that just go through the motions.
I highly recommend Dr. Viernow and his staff. They are clearly the best. Thank you Doctor V and your wonderful staff! ”

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Daniel McMillan

“This is a wonderful clinic with a kind staff and amazing doctors who actually care. I started as a patient there in 2005 and with the aid of spinal decompression, adjustments, massages and the shockwave therapy; I have been pain free ever since.
If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, ANY PAIN, then please do yourself a favor and give Dr. Viernow and staff a call to set up an appointment ASAP. ”

*Results may vary depending on the severity of the condition.

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