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Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre provides treatment for carpal tunnel, automobile accident injuries, neck pain, lower back pain, worker’s compensation injuries, pain management, limited movement and weakness in arms and legs, scoliosis, & many more symptoms.
For 32 years, we have treated patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly & pregnant women. Our chiropractic facility offers leading edge technology and utilizes many therapies and state of the art equipment to get you back on your feet.

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Chiropractor Services in Arlington, Texas

Chiropractor Services in Arlington
Improve your ability to function with improved movement, improved health, and improved sleep. Get relief from car accident injuries, headaches, whiplash, neck pain, general & lower back pain, sports injuries, body pains, sciatica, pinched nerves, bulging discs, arm, hand, finger, and leg loss of feeling, & more. Proudly serving Arlington, FT. Worth, DFW, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Southlake, Texas since 1981. We offer same day appointments if necessary. Member of Better Business Bureau.

Got Pain? Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Disc Herniation?

Got Disc Herniation?
Why suffer needlessly? Many people have been told or believe their lower back pain can’t be solved. Give us a call at 817-265-7335 and we will help you.
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Chiropractic Specials in the DFW area

Chiropractic Specials
New Patient Offer! Includes a Free consultation with the Doctor and treatment on your first visit. We’re celebrating our 32nd anniversary with special offers! >> click here for special offers

Emergency Chiropractic in Arlington, TX

Emergency Chiropractic
For 24 hour emergency chiropractic help, please call our office immediately. If we are unavailable and you have a medical emergency call 911.

Some of our Chiropractic Therapies:

- Spinal Decompression
- DRX9000 Disc Decompression
- Vibration Plates –accelerates exercise protocol (Olympic Atheletes use these)
- Active Therapy (Strengthening Rehabilitation Exercise)
- Hydro Jet Massage (Relaxes Tight Back Muscles)
- Strengthening Exercise Rehabilitation
- Cold Laser Therapy (Accelerates Healing Process)
- Therapeutic Massage (Improves Circulation, Relaxes Soft Tissue, Decreases Pain in Muscles, Spine)
- On Site Bennett X-Ray Equipment
- Off Weight Therapy (Similar to Aquatic Therapy)
- Kinesio Taping (Reduces Swelling & Stabilizes Spine 24 Hours/Day Olympic Athletes)
- Intersegmental Traction (Disc Saver)
- Theraband Strengthening Rehab Exercise
- Diathermy (Deep Electromagnetic Therapy Reduces Swelling & Balances Positive & Negatives Ions)
- Hydro Therapy
- Intracorporeal Therapy (shockwave therapy) treats chronic pain or loss of feeling in neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, or foot
- Infrared Pulsed Light Therapy
- Pettibon (Strengthening Rehab Exercise)
- Thera Stim Therapy (Decreases Pain, Increases Range Of Motion During Rehab Exercise)
- Hot Rock Massage
- Ultrasound
- Percussion Massage (Replicates Chinese Healing Master’s Hands)
- Scoliosis Therapy
- Interferential Therapy (Reduces Pain And Swelling)
- Pnu-Weight Therapy
- & More!